Welcome to Book Club Questions

This is the place to find tips for creating book club discussion questions.

Book group questions are often a pain for group leaders.  Even veteran leaders of reading clubs struggle because they want every club discussion to be fresh and active for members. If you have found the questions in your meetings are  repetitious or trite it’s time to come up a a new plan for your book club questions.

Ask Questions from the Author’s Point of View

They want to know if the characters are believable.  Did they come to life?  Did they develop over the time of the story?  What about the setting?  Could you picture it from the descriptions given by the author?

Search the web for more tips

You can get more information about book club books by exploring the web.  Many sites are helpful to book club leaders.  Look for one where you can register your book group and get lots of suggestions.

Create reading club questions to enlighten and activate your members.  The discussion questions suggested here will bring back the excitement that you felt when you started your reading group.

Since we are all book lovers, sometimes a printed book is just what is needed. I recommend The Book Club Companion: A Comprehensive Guide.  This is one of my favorites!

Enjoy your book club!


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